Griesedieck Bros. Beer

 Outdoor Advertising Sign


aw item number:  2005.003
manufacture:  Kirn Signs, Saint Louis, Missouri
serial number:  1253
date manufactured:  1934
composition:  Sheet metal, glass, porcelain & glass tubing

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size:  33.5" L x 32.5" H x 13" W
sign color:  Yellow, blue, black & red neon color:  Blue
acquisition date:  2/17/2005 status:  Collection

description:  Griesedieck Bros. St. Louis Light Lager Beer In Bottles reverse on glass advertisement panels, internally lit by incandescent lamps, surrounded by porcelain enamel and blue neon tubes.

information:  Located on the side of the metal can is an aluminum ID tag: 1.375" x 4.125" with number 1253 embossed.