Gamewell Fire Alarm Punch Register

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aw item:  2004.158
manufacturer:  The Gamewell Co., Newton, Mass.
serial number:  185722
model:  unknown

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size:  10"L x 11.5"H x 7.5"W

color:  Brushed Aluminum, Black and Brass weight:  15.5 lbs.
acquisition date:  1/1/2004

status:  Collection

description:  A large brushed aluminum exterior houses many gears and springs which operate this device.  A movie style reel which held paper, would be stamped with the number of the alarm box that was being called in.

information:  This piece of alarm apparatus would alert the alarm center of the location of the alarm coming in by stamping it onto the paper strip.  Recording the number of the call box coming in, giving the location of the of the box.

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