Caille 2 HP 5 Speed Detachable Rowboat Motor


aw item number:  2004.115
manufacturer:  Caille Motor Co., Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
serial number:  n/a
model number:  5 Speed Single

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size:  25"L x 34"H x 12"W
color:  Gray period:  1915-1925
acquisition date:  11/20/2004

status:  Collection

description:  5 speed, single cylinder, 2 horse power, two cycle motor. An adjustable propeller delivers 3 speeds forward and two in reverse when the motor is started backwards.

information:  A late model flywheel and timer date this unit to 1924. Detachable Rowboat Motor period 1908- 1928 (large flywheels).