Nut Display Cabinet


aw item number:  2004.100
manufacturer:  Metal Box & Cabinet Corp., Chicago, IL
model number:  PW-D26
serial number:  4402

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size:  26.5"L x 54"H x 21"W

color:  Blue weight:  110 lbs.
acquisition date:  2004

status:  Collection

description:  Two piece nut display stand.  The bottom cabinet could be used by the vendor for storage of extra nuts and bags.  There is also a drawer, where money could be stored.  The top display unit had a glass front for viewing of the nuts and rear doors for access by the vendor.  Three lights kept the nuts fresh and toasted.  A forth light was placed behind the sign to illuminate the name of the nuts or vendor.

information:  This unit displayed Double Kay "Fresh Toasted Nuts," however, we have since changed the top sign to read "Ronnie's Nuts Fresh Toasted."  This unit can display up to seven different kinds of nuts.  One of the trays is on a motor that spins the nuts to keep them evenly warm.  The other six trays can be removed, but did not have any motion.  The unit has a single switch on the back which turns the lights and the motor on or off.