Circus & Carnival Trucks Photo Archive Book


aw item number:  2004.022
author:  Bill Rhodes
ISBN:  1-58388-048-8
LCCN:  2001131360

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publisher:  Iconografix
status:  Library  size:  10.25"L x 8.5"H x .3125"W

description:  Circus and Carnival Trucks 1923 - 2000 Photo Archive book. A pictorial history of the important role trucks played in the mobilization of traveling circuses and carnivals. Four color cover. Text and images are black & white. 126 pages, soft cover.

information:  Author Bill Rhodes includes a definition page as it relates to the circus and carnival industry. Trucks began to replace draft horses in the 1930's. The versatility of trucks used by the traveling shows proved to be indispensable.