Budweiser V-9 Porcelain Neon Signs

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  aw item numbers:  2002.260, 2002.261, 2003.030, 2006.040, 2008.051
  manufacture:  Kirn Signs, Saint Louis, Missouri
  model:  V-9

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  color, sign :  Red, green, black, & white
composition: Sheet metal, porcelain & glass tubing   color, neon :  Red, green, white & yellow
size:  108.75"L x 49"H x 7"W   status:  Collection

description:  A large one piece Budweiser neon sign, produces a brilliant display for any store front.  The sign includes a large "Budweiser" in red neon, the traditional "A and eagle" the "A" in red, with the eagle in white and the star in yellow, all surrounded by a green circle.  The model number, V-9, was created from the sign's length of 9 feet, and from the "V" shape that is made when two signs are hung from a building as a marquee.  A third component is a vertical "BEER" sign which acts as a filler between the two signs making it appear as one.

information:  Currently, Antique Warehouse has five one piece V-9 signs, or 2.5 complete signs.  Click on the image above to see the other signs.  Of the five one piece signs, two of them are complete with neon, and the other three are in storage waiting restoration.  The above image represents a complete V-9 installation.

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