1913 Cretors Style Model C

  Horse Drawn Popcorn Wagon


aw item number:  2003.026
manufacturer:  Antique Popcorn Wagons Co., John S. Domanski, Chicago, Illinois
model number:  100

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serial number:  100-004 series C
date manufactured:  1969 original price:  $8,900.00
size:  11'1"L x 8'6"H x 5'5"W

popper:  Cretors MR16P 16oz. capacity top plate

weight:  1,850 lbs. approx.

status:  Collection
description:  A faithful reproduction of the famous Cretors Model C complete with wooden wheels and rubber tires. Front bay window, wood framed windows with beveled glass, crystalline art glass signs and a full size rear door. The modern interior includes stainless steel surfaces, butcher block counter tops, electric lights, air compressor with whistle, toy steam engine, and "Tosty Rosty Man" a mechanical figure turning a toy roaster.

information:  Serial number 100-004 indicates the model number is 100. The following number 004 represents the 4th unit built that year. No patents were ever taken out on this model. Originally 1 of 3 units built for Red Wagon Popcorn Co., Fritz Timmion, Pekin, Il.  40 of these machines were produced in total.  This Cretors Style Wagon is a reproduction of an original Cretors Model C.

electrical requirements:  220 Volt, 30 Amp. L-14-30 type receptacle 125/250 Volt.  Grounding rod required when using outdoors or with portable power.

restoration information:  Restored to better than original specs by the Antique Warehouse Restoration Team led by Calvin J. Weldele in 2008.

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