Koken Barber Pole Non-Revolving

 Sidewalk Model 38


aw item number:  2002.055
manufacturer:  Koken Barber Supply Co., St. Louis, MO
model number:  38
original price:  $32.50
color:  Red, White, Blue & Gold

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size:  19"L x 112.5"H x 19"W

weight:  355 lbs.

patent date:  February 2, 1909 date manufactured:  1910
acquisition date:  5/2/2002

status:  Collection

description:  One of the tallest barber's pole ever offered from Koken. Constructed entirely of cast iron and steel and beautifully finished in the finest and most durable colors. All gold leaf is genuine and will not tarnish with age.

information:  Glass globe and electric lighting fixture was available for an additional for $5.50. Koken Supply Co. catalog 1910. An after market eagle finial was added by the previous owner.

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