National Cash Register 442-E-L Electric Register


aw item number:  2001.120
manufacturer:  National Cash Register Company;  Dayton, Ohio
model #:  442-E-L
serial #:  126712W

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produced:  from 1908 on

original price:  $310

status:  Collection size:  17"L x 26.75"H x 23"W

description:  This cash register has 22 amount keys, 9 special keys, and 4 clerks' keys.  Any amount from 5 cents to $9.95 can be recorded in connection with any of the 9 special keys, which could be used for sales and special pricing, by any of the 4 clerks at one time. 

information:  The model number for the 400 series machines over 440 were in accordance with specific functions:  So this machine, the 442, is a 400 series, has 4 rows of keys, and 2 denotes the kind, which has a total adder, detail strip, and check printer.  The E, represents an electric motor, and L, stood for lighted.

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