National Cash Register Model 312


aw item number:  2001.091
manufacturer:  National Cash Register Company;  Dayton, Ohio
model number:  312

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serial number:  1382539
original price:  $35 size:  10.5"L x 21.25"H x 16.25"W
status:  Collection patent date:  August 30, 1910

description:  Bronze oxidized finish, solid brass cash register model 312 with new wood wood base.  Total adder, 15 keys: 1 through 50 cent denominations.  Marble till and "Amount Purchased" reproduction top sign.  Gold coin door is missing.

information:  The 312 and 313 models are identical except for the key arrangements, where the 313 had 5 cent through $1 keys.  Original faded drawer tag facts: Finish C and tracer no. 3569-Y.

Crandall & Robins. The Incorruptible Cashier, 1990.