National Cash Register Model 332


aw item number:  1999.036
manufacturer:  National Cash Register Company;  Dayton, Ohio
model number:  332

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serial number:  1157845
date manufactured:  August 21,1912 size:  17.5"L x 17"H x 16.25"W
patent date:  January 17, 1908 status:  Collection

description:  Polished solid brass, dolphin case, cash register model 332 with wood base.  Total adder, 22 keys: 1 cent through $3.00 denominations.  Marble till.  With out top sign and gold coin door.

information:  The model number represents certain features about this machine.  The first three means it is a 300 series, the second 3 represents that it had 22 keys, and the 2 means that it had improvements and that it has 1 cent key arrangements (any model number ending in an even number had 1 cent arrangements and odd numbers had 5 cent arrangements).  Original drawer tag information: custom built for: Compton & Co., Metropolis, IL.  Sales agent for NCR: W. B. Norris.  Finish C.  Red brass - Polished.

Crandall & Robins. The Incorruptible Cashier, 1990.