Manley Electric Popcorn Machine

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aw item number:  1999.036
manufacturer:  Wyandotte Manley Inc. Kansas City, MO, U.S.A.
serial number:  3560
model number:  47
size:  37.5"L x 72"H x 25"W

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patent number:  D123600
purchase date:  4/1/1999 status:  Collection

information:  The five function control panel controls 1-blower/motor 2-seasoning 3-kettle 4-fan 5-lights.  The lower back section has the cash drawer and 3 storage bins with 2 doors and shelves.

description:  This large popcorn machine has 3 main sections, a lighted top, a middle 4 sided glass area where the popcorn is popped and displayed, and a lower section for storage, with drawers for money and popcorn accessories.

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