National Cash Register

Model 47 1/4 with Printer


aw item number:  1998.019
manufacturer:  National Cash Register Company;  Dayton, Ohio
model number:  47 1/4
serial number:  S594321761

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size:  19.5"L x 22"H x 16.25"W
produced:  1892-1908 status:  Collection

description:  Solid brass, nickel plated cash register model 47 1/4 with printer, marble till, wood base and reproduction top sign "Amount Purchased." 27 keys: 5 cents to $6.00 denominations.  Fancy gold coin door.

information:  Like this model 47 1/4, all models 36-49 were variations of the model 35.  The only changes were the top sign and other improvements such as the marble till, which 47 1/4  machine has.  Factory reconditioned machine with faded drawer tag.

Crandall & Robins. The Incorruptible Cashier, 1990.