McCormick Deering 0-4 Orchard Tractor


aw item number:  1996.012
manufacturer:  International Harvester Co., Chicago, Illinois
model:  O-4
serial number: OBH22822WI

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size:  120.8"L x 53.8"H x 60.25"W 
front tire size:  6.00-16 4 ply rear tire size:  13.6-26 6 ply
engine: 4 cylinder, 24 hp, 1815 rpm weight:  3600 lbs.
color:  Red

production year:  1946

acquisition date:  1/1/1996 status:  collection

description: The O-4 tractor is "functionally Streamlined" therefore it has no projections or crevices that would catch branches and tear fruit off the trees in orchard and grove farming.

information:  Max speed: 14-1/8 mph, wheelbase: 66-1/2", turning radius: 10' with out braking, clutch: 10", single-plate, hand-operated, over-center type, fuel tank capacity: 17-1/2 gal.

special equipment:  Our O-4 is loaded with all of the "Special Equipment" options; solid front wheels, electric starter, front and rear electric lights, Rockwood belt pulley and a power take-off unit.

restoration notes:  This O-4 has been completely restored.  Every component has been taken apart, rebuilt, repainted and reassembled to exact factory specifications.

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