Eska John Deere 130

 Pedal Tractor c. 1958


aw item number:  1995.007
manufacturer:  Eska Company, Dubuque, Iowa
model number:  130
date manufactured:  1958

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size:  38"L x 27"H x19.5"W

color:  Green, yellow, black & chrome weight:  37.75 lbs.
acquisition date:  8/1/1995

status:  Collection

description:  Eska Company, John Deere 130, toy pedal tractor. A JD model 130 tractor replica, this child sized unit has a JD style seat and a see through engine compartment. Additional features include a shift lever noise maker and trailer hitch.

information:  The 130 JD tractor series was produced for 3 years from 1958 through 1960. The 1958 model has the most detailed engine components of the three although the 1960 is the more difficult to find today.