McCormick Deering Model H Tractor


aw item number:  1989.003
manufacturer:  McCormick Deering, an International Harvester Co., Chicago, Illinois
model:  H
serial number:  FBH-117256

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size:  125.25"L x 74"H x 90.75"W

front wheel size:  3.5" x 25.5" rear wheel size:  8" x 61"
engine:  Four cylinder C-152 vertical inline, removable sleeves, overhead valves displacement:  152.1 cubic inches
rated RPM:  1,650 (1,815 max idle) compression ratio:  5.9:1
ignition:  IH H-4 magneto fuel tank capacity:  17 gallons w/ 1 gallon starting tank
color:  Red production year:  1942
acquisition date:  1/1/1989

status:  Collection

description:  A fully restored farm tractor with all steel wheels due to war-time restrictions on rubber. The rear wheels on this tractor are adjustable, from 44 to 80 inches wide.  The four-cylinder I-head engine has a 3 3/8-inch bore and a 4 1/4-inch stroke and is rated at 1,650 rpm.  This tractor is capable of dual fuels, which means that it could start on gasoline, but could run on distillate or kerosene.  The transmission has five speeds with the top gear yielding nearly 17 mph.  However, on all of the Model H tractors delivered with steel wheels, the fifth gear was locked out, due to the instability of the steel wheels at higher speeds.

information:  The Model H was built from the year 1939 until 1954, under the McCormick Deering name, which was an International Harvester Company.  The International Harvester Company was formed by the merger of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the Deering Harvester Company in 1902.  The Farmall name on the tractor was a given name for a series of tractors produced under the McCormick Deering name.  The Model H replaced the F-20 model from the IHC line.  Designed to be a two-bottom plow tractor, any number of farm implements could be added to this tractor.  With modular construction, the tractor was easily assembled in the factory and servicing the tractor was made easier.

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