1931 Buick Four Door Five Passenger Sedan

1931 Buick Sedan Four Door


aw item number:  1982.001
manufacturer:  Buick Motor Company
model number:  8-67, 60 series
serial number:  2732035, engine

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original price:  $1,355.00
color:  Navy Blue weight:  3795 lbs.
acquisition date:  8/6/1982

status:  Collection

description:  The Buick 60 series boast a 272 cid straight-eight engine and 118" wheel base. Navy blue five passenger body, neatly pinstriped in red. The interior has brown mohair plush, roller shades and foot rail for the rear seating area. Dual windshield wipers.

information:  Body by Fisher Job no. 31009, body no. 28113.  8 cylinder, 45hp.  The Buick Motor Company produced 30,665 of this type of Sedan.